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Top 5 no-blend smoothies to try this summer!

Soaring temperatures bring with them swinging moods. No one wants a fuss in 45 degrees heat and all we want is to keep our cool. Literally. So how do you get by summers without creating a fuss? No-blend smoothies are the way to go, minimum ingredients and zero equipment, it doesn’t get easier than that people. And the thing about no-blend smoothies is that you don’t lose any fiber along the way since there is no straining required, and you get all the vitamins and minerals of the fruit. Smoothies are great if you want to change the way you eat fruit without losing all the health benefits. Chunky bits of fruit here and there add both texture and excitement! Win all the way!

Avocado and Honey Smoothie

Avocado with honey dripping isolated on white background

Avocado with honey dripping isolated on white background

At DSSC, we love avocados. These green ovals of goodness are not only delicious, but also packed to the brim with nutrition and the right kind of oils.

Take a super soft avocado, scoop it out into a glass and mash it with a tablespoon of honey. Slow stir in the milk and enjoy a smooth smoothie with chunks of avocado to surprise you here and there. Rest assured, you will keep going back for more.

Stevie’s Tip: Ripen avocados fasters by storing them inside your atta or rice box or store them in a brown paper bag with a banana next to it.



Banana and Strawberry Smoothie

Bananas-And-Strawberries_ PC www.hopewoodlifestyle.comThe combination of bananas and strawberries is as deadly as Vietnamese coffee with condensed milk.

Mash a fairly ripe banana in a glass and to it add honey or sugar and add bite sized chunks of strawberries along with milk. After a stir and gulp, you shall find yourself ready to face the day!

Stevie’s Tip: Stir in a dollop of Greek yogurt if you want more of a creamy texture.



Mango, Coconut and Chia Smoothie

Mango_Pc iamafoodblog.comThis drink is going to make your taste buds bow down to you. This smoothie is a Thai Mango-Coconut Sago dessert in drinking-form.

Before you get cracking on the mangoes, soak a handful of chia seeds in water so they plump up. With a fork mash half a mango in a glass and stir in half coconut milk and half normal milk, top it with chia seeds and enjoy after a bit of thorough stirring.

Stevie’s Tip: Soak the mango in water overnight to get rid of all the pesticides and also to reduce the heat inside it.



Almond, Peanut Butter and Chia Smoothie


Experiment with chunky peanut butter for texture

Okay, so we might’ve lied, because there is a bit of equipment required for this one – a shaker! That’s it!

Shake a generous scoop of peanut butter (the more, the better) with almond milk and chia seeds that you have been soaking in water for a few minutes. Shake, shake, shake and enjoy this lip smacking drink. You can add chopped almonds for a bit of crunch if you so desire. This smoothie carries the taste and flavours of a peanut butter shake but is twice as healthy. Go on, have another sip!

Stevie’s Tip: Experiment with chunky peanut butter for texture and bite!



Chocolate and Oats Smoothie

Chocolate_PC thepioneerwoman.comOh boy, we’re slobbering as we tell you this recipe. In case you find some grammatical errors in this part, then blame the deliciousness of this drink. Similar to the almond, peanut butter and chia smoothie, the flavours of this smoothie will remind you of a chocolate shake. But whereas a chocolate shake is packed with calories, this one is super healthy.

In a glass, stir cocoa powder, chocolate powder with oats and milk – you can really get creative with milk here, choose from almond to coconut or even oats milk. Stir, shake and seriously enjoy!

Stevie’s Tip: Go on, drizzle some chocolate syrup, you deserve a treat!

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