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"DSSC pushes boundaries of creativity by harnessing the power of online and the intimacy of offline."

In 2013, the idea was a response to address a problem (read, boredom) of missing banter. Relying on oldage wisdom that one must break bread to break ice, India’s first supper club was established. Secrecy was woven in to test a bizarre myth that founder-driven concepts generate buzz. No, we thought, product > person.
Delhi Secret Supper Club operated anonymously for 4 exciting years. 1460 days that involved a wig flown down from Thailand, spy-esque costumes, an irate mother, hiding in bathrooms, and top-drawer whodunnit banter. Goodbye, boredom.
Today, DSSC is a team of agile and creative problem solvers who love deconstructing brand and industry challenges. We offer solutions on marketing, brand strategy, route-to-market, events and content.
We believe the story needs to be simple, the execution must be fun and the consumer must be tickled. We transform business and consumer insights into powerful & memorable experiences.
And, we drink copious amounts of coffee.

We’re proud to partner with an exciting roster of homegrown and established brands across India and the world.

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Meet The Founder

Shreya Soni, a.k.a Stevie, is an alumna of Delhi University, India and Warwick Business School, England. She started off as a Management Consultant at Ernst & Young in London, and continues to live by their intricate MO and spreadsheet-values.

Back in New Delhi, she helped establish a market strategy for an organic farm-to-fork supply chain.

Her response to boredom and inner-Nancy Drew gave birth to this social experiment in 2013. She ran the agency incognito and has fond memories of hiding in bathrooms and using voice diffusers to retain anonymity. The team built a unique service offering and curious category; a fascinating way to cement the bridge between brands and consumers.

Stevie loves her job. She loves brands and their raison d’être. Between that and squishing Zara with uncomfortable hugs, the team finds her researching (everything), eating (anything), kickboxing, arranging flowers and grinding coffee beans.

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We craft​ social constructs, online and offline, that bring fascinating brands closer to a targeted, discerning & spending audience.

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