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DSSC Recommends: Giving Leftovers A Makeover

Give your leftovers some lovin’ with these delish dishes.

For all us awesome peeps who have things to do & places to be, we adore quick-fix yummy meals. The healthier, the better. Using up last night’s meals means a scrumptious plate that’s already halfway there & all it needs is some creative cooking. And we’re here to tell you how to make it work.

Fuel Up With A Fluffy Frittata



For our twist on the Frittata, you need to start by sautéing your dinnertime remains, be it keema mattar or mix veggies in olive oil (or butter if you’re feeling special). Once that’s done, spread the vegetables at the bottom of the pan and add dollops of cheese till you have a base. Whisk some eggs with a dash of milk, salt & spices then pour on top of your veggie-cheese base and wait till the egg is done. This would be a total cooking time of five to eight minutes. The possibilities are endless for a frittata: last night’s grilled vegetables with an oregano-chilli flakes mix, a masala frittata with desi-style mushrooms & green chillies or even a spaghetti frittata. Be brave, eat well!

Stevie’s Secret Tip: If you want more pizzazz, pop the skillet (make sure it’s oven-friendly) into the oven for a few minutes & you’re good to go.

A Breakfast Pizza Kinda Morning



Who doesn’t like starting their day with a heavenly delicious pizza? You can have two! All you need is some  leftover naan or homemade rotis & ten minutes of oven time. Seriously. This is a five-step recipe. Grab your bread. Spread your choice of sauce – tomato, basil or simply olive oil. And add your veggies or chopped meat that’s begging to be finished. Sprinkle with cheese & herbs. Pop into the oven. Enjoy! This pizza does well with eggs sunny side-up, but make sure you cook them separately.

Stevie’s Secret Tip: Putting your roti or naan in the toaster works just as well for the crispiness if you don’t have time for the oven.

The Taco Times



Another roti-dal hack to the rescue! Get out those chapatis & this time fold them in half. If you have rajma or lentils leftover, even better. Strain & dry out your lentils. Fill up your roti taco with rice, vegetables, dal & what have you. Add a few lettuce strands & have salsa and sour cream on standby. Put the rotis into the oven and you’ll have a taco ready in 5. If it’s too early for you to handle a taco, wrap up your rice mix and bake till hot, then you’ll have yourself a nifty little burrito.

Stevie’s Secret Tip: Poke a few holes in the rotis before they head into the oven.

Breads “R” Us



If you’re a bread-head & have some leftovers from the appetising recipes we posted here, this is what you can do with your brown, white & multigrain comfort buddies. Tear ‘em into bit-sized pieces with a drizzle of olive oil or butter as you please. This recipe is perfect for those discarded sandwich sides. Whisk some eggs with milk, sugar and cinnamon. Add the bread to a baking dish with a sprinkle of raisins for that extra special bite and pour the eggs on top. This recipe is easy-peasy to put together & takes about 35 minutes. So sit back, relax & let your oven to do heavy lifting. (We ain’t judgin’, only applaudin’.)

Stevie’s Secret Tip: If you’re going easy on the sugar rushes & hope for a savoury high, substitute the raisins for mushrooms, the sugar & cinnamon for cheese. You’ll be mighty pleased with what turns up.

A Fruitful Event



If your fruits have you in a tizzy & it breaks your heart not to buy the seasonal fare, we have a fix for you. Go forth and shop yourself silly ‘coz you’ll always need some fruity wonders for this cobbler. And just because you got leftovers to work with doesn’t mean you ain’t a wizard in the kitchen. If you like getting your hands dirty, here’s a perfect way to cook the winter blues away. Raid your larder for your fruit of choice – strawberries, apples, pears, apricots, cherries or even a mix with a fig or two. Just remember to slice ‘em up. Add your choice of spice – cinnamon or nutmeg. Now it’s time to exercise your hands. Knead some flour & sugar in roughly the same amount with a bit of butter and a lucky pinch of salt. Make little discs and cover up the fruit in the baking dish. Time for the oven to open wide & swallow. Annnd you’re done. Remember that scoop of vanilla ice cream when serving!

Stevie’s Secret Tip: Add a touch of sugar if the fruits of your choice aren’t naturally sweet enough. It is dessert after all, no cheating on the sweet, sweetie!

With these racy recipes, kindle your adventurous culinary spirit & let no leftover go waste ever again. Save time, have fun & make ample use of your skillet, grill & oven. Everyday is game in the kitchen so lay your know-how down at the door & play with the flavours in your fridge till you’re a leftover makeover master.

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