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HOLD IT! Don’t miss the most important meal of the day!

Mornings should not be hurried, after all they set the tone of the day, and a complicated breakfast should be the last thing you must deal with. We’ve curated for you our top five picks of the easiest and hassle-free breakfast meals for you to make and have it on the go. After all, what’s quick to make is usually easy to take.

1. Overnight oats

There will be no going back to anything else for breakfast after you try these bad boys. Honestly the rest of the items are just there for the sake of it (kidding!), overnight oats are THE ultimate breakfast items and it’s a dish you can experiment with. To make our favourite version mix rolled oats with a dollop of peanut butter, a tablespoon of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon and cover the whole mixture with milk. Pop in the fridge, as the name suggests, overnight and viola, just pick it up in the morning and have it on the go!


Overnight oats_PC


2. Peach-Mango-Banana smoothie

You can literally blitz up a smoothie in seconds and all you need is some fruit, milk, yogurt and a blender. We’ve chosen a peach, mango and banana smoothie because they’re extremely filling fruits and obviously tasty! But with smoothies, there is no going wrong with flavours- you can experiment with berries, apples, melon, almonds, raspberry- you name it and you can smoothie it. For this smoothie, mix a few pieces of peach, mango, and banana with yogurt, milk and honey, to keep it extra healthy. Blitz and sip away.


Peach-Mango-Banana smoothie_PC


3. Yogurt with fruits and muesli

This breakfast dish takes pretty much under one minute to “make”. It really just involves mixing.

In a jar, mix yogurt with whatever fruit you fancy – we particularly prefer bananas and berries ­ and top it with some muesli or granola. Drizzle the whole dish with honey and cinnamon and enjoy!


Yogurt with fruits and muesli_PC


4. Breakfast burrito

What do you do with your leftover chapattis? Throw them out we bet? Well chapattis are more or less like Mexican burritos and there’s so much you can do with them especially in the morning, when time seems to move faster than usual. Take a chapatti and in the center, lay a sliced avocado, chopped tomatoes, cucumber, lime, diced green chili and a sliced egg – roll it up and tightly pack it in foil to have it on­ the­ go!


Breakfast burrito_PC


5. Peanut butter and banana sandwich

PBJs are so old school and let’s not forget, unhealthy. Put that jam away and enter a lovely and healthy banana. Peanut butter and banana are a happy marriage that truly complement each other’s flavours. This is one of our favourite sandwiches, especially on a Friday when the week is so close to ending and you can’t wait to start the indulging. This is a really simple sandwich, between two slices of bread, spread, lather actually, a generous amount of peanut butter and top with slices of banana. Drizzle with honey or maple syrup if you want to go that extra taste mile.


Peanut butter and banana sandwich_PC



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